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A lot of people prefer pig large intestine eat, it not only delicate, and nutrient effect is pretty good also, of course its quantity of heat is opposite taller, the face contains the quantity of heat of 196 kilocalorie in 100 grams, say so at ordinary times cannot overfeeding, especially its cholesterol content is higher also, if be in,reduce weight period do not eat as far as possible, the personage of tall blood fat had better not eat, we will read the content of this respect.

The quantity of heat of pig large intestine

The quantity of heat of pig large intestine

The quantity of heat of pig large intestine (can feed partial plan with 100 grams) it is 196 kilocalorie (820 1000 anxious) , in moderate of quantity of heat of the unit in congener food. The quantity of heat of large intestine of pig of every 100 grams, the common adult that occupies Chinese nutrition to learn to recommend about keeps healthy be needed to absorb total caloric everyday 8% . From this angle above the word for, the quantity of heat of large intestine does not consider the pig too tall, be in nevertheless edible when also want measurable edible.

A few kinds reduce weight optimum food

Tall fine food one: Oaten

Effect reducing weight: Oaten contain rich water-solubility prandial fiber, can stimulate peristalsis of intestines and stomach, outside absorbing the cholesterol inside human body to give put oneself in another’s position side by side in great quantities, the body that invites you becomes more lightsome. Eat oaten still can reduce hungry feeling, control caloric effectively to absorb, reduce weight thereby. And, the constipation that still can improve you is vexed. Oaten not onlyForum of Shanghai night net

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Nutrition is rich, can discharge poisonous thin body again,

The quantity of heat of pig large intestine

Tall fine food 2: Yam

Effect reducing weight: Consider to discover, every 100 yam that overcome delicacy contain 0.2 grams only adipose, 1/3 what be rice probably, it is food of very good low adipose, low heat energy. And yam can haveForum of Shanghai night net

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Effect ground prevents carbohydrate to turn into adipose, eat to also not be afraid of get fat more. Yam contains a large number of prandial fiber, the full abdomen that can increase you after expanding inside alvine path feels. Because fiber cannot be digested to absorb, can exciting bowel, enhance peristalsis, achieve the result with aperient poisonous platoon, those who let you is alvine restore evenness.

Tall fine food 3: Xi Qin

Effect reducing weight: Xi Qin a variety of vitamins and many crude fibre, can accelerate haemal circulation, promote digest absorb, clear bowel is aperient, let lose weight thereby. Additional, xi Qin still contains many potassium element, the moisture content that can reduce the body is accumulative, reduce oedema to show1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Like, let you look thinner.

The quantity of heat of pig large intestine

Tall fine food 4: Dawdle

Effect reducing weight: Dawdle contains the crude fibre with very indigestible human body, half crude fibre and lignin, can maintain bowel insideA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Moisture, absorb the rest of cent of cholesterol, candy, its outside eduction body, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Improve costive symptom effectively, avirulent also with respect to a suit light!

Tall fine food 5: Bailuo is predicted

Effect reducing weight: The mustard oil in the turnip can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, help aid digestion. What what contain is many and prandialNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Fiber can the embellish bowel path, poison that discharge bowel, eat more can decrease fat thin body.

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