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Article introduction

It is very good that pig blood puts the flavour that boil together with bean curd, and human body place needs pig blood contains a lot of amino acid, and bean curd contains a lot of protein, be in so can eat blood of a few pigs to follow bean curd at ordinary times. Pig blood is done with bean curd more delicious, everybody can know the way of article introduction, get ready to feed capable person relevantly, make pig blood boil bean curd next according to the measure of the article, can make soup of delicate pig blood bean curd.

 How are pig blood and bean curd done delicious

How is the pig blood bean curd that boil done delicious?

Material: Pig blood 200g, bean curd 200g, oil right amount, salt right amount, green is right amount, sweet condiment of fish of Xie Kuo quantity, perfume is right amount, unripe smoke right amount, vinegar right amount, Jiang Kuo measures right amount, boiled water, garlic is right amount


1, get ready feed capable person.

2, cut pig blood and bean curd agglomerate account.

3, oil is entered in boiler, small fire mixes green ginger garlic sweet leaf blast is sweetForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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4, join perfume fish condiment, fry sweet.

5, join salt, join unripe smoke, join vinegar.

6, enter right amount boiled water.

7, string together pig blood and bean curd in putting bowl, boil. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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8, after one side boils 3 minutes, turn over a face to boil another again, boil 3 minutes likewise.

9, after giving boiler, the surface should drench on the Shang Zhicai in boiler is delicious.

 How are pig blood and bean curd done delicious

How to discern blood of pig of true and false

1, see color: False pig blood because help by the arm pigment or blood red, color is very bright-coloured, and true pig blood criterion color is shownShanghai noble baby

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2, feel with the hand: Because false pig blood mingled the chemical material such as formaldehyde, withier, how to cut won’t break, and true pig blood is harder, when be being touched with the hand, easy and broken.

3, see tangent plane: After pig blood dissections, if tangent plane is smoothSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Slippery level off, see less than having stomatic, the specification has a holiday, if tangent plane is coarse, irregular alveolus explains is true pig blood.

4, smell odour: True pig blood, have a light fishy smell, if do not hear a bit fishy smell, may be a holiday.

Of adulterate pig blood or composition of blood having a pig, dan Yan color compares deep; besides doing not have air hole, problem pig blood breaks a mouth very smooth, look very delicate, but taste resemble chewing rubber, although soft however very pliable but strong. Normal pig blood colourShanghai is expensiveForum of Shanghai night net

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A group of things with common features baby

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Look is dark red, the surface or section is very coarse and because oxygen is contained a lot ofinside pig blood,have; of administrative levels feeling, there can be bleb to appear when condensing, form the bleb in pig clot, the citizen buys pig blood Shi Kegen to occupy color, have will distinguish without the characteristic such as bleb.

 How are pig blood and bean curd done delicious

Sweet clew:

With other edibles, pig blood is again good also cannot excessive edible, because metabolic waste material is contained at the same time in blood (include the) such as hormone, medicaments, urea, a large number of edible also can bring a burden to human body, unless nutrient expert proposal is special need crowd, a week edible does not exceed 2 times.

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