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A lot of people are getting tall blood sugar and hypertensive worry, this kind of crowd has a lot of notes in the life, can eat more at ordinary times a few can fall blood sugar falls the food of blood pressure, here isShanghai Long Feng forum

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Everybody recommends balsam pear, can stew soup of mussel flesh balsam pear to eat at ordinary times for instance, this cate is had fall very well blood sugar effect, eat balsam pear to return additionally can affectionate, and divide irritated etc, so whether can balsam pear bubble with lotus leaf will drink?

Can balsam pear and lotus leaf bubble?

Can balsam pear and lotus leaf bubble?

Can reduce weight, but the effect is very small, can try the method below, what if weight is not,exceed is particularly big, normal weight can be reduced completely in a month, drink the food of honey water, satiate midday little grease in the morning, can eat an apple more in the evening, hungry can drink honey water, honey water has the function that reduce weight to return the vitamin inside OK and additional system.

Opinion proposal: Proposal: Move everyday ran is in above of half an hour, it is OK to take take care quickly perhaps. According to afore-mentioned method effect it is very pretty good, this method is safe and effective, can try.

Can balsam pear and lotus leaf bubble?

Balsam pear and lotus leaf can be drunk together. Lotus leaf is had really fall the action that fat reduces weight, balsam pear also has similar action, two content have bit of sex cool, if the constitution slants,Xu Han’s word is unfavorable application.

Directive opinion:

Two content can apply together, but the action that its reduce weight also is finite, truly effective reducing weight also is the most healthy abstemious diet that often says namely is mixed add frequently take exercise, such ability have to the bodyForum of Shanghai night net

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Advantage, but cannot use for a long time. Two content slant cool, cold to taste empty, defecate jalf congealed is thin person be unfavorable application, want to add an attention more. Zhu Yun. Lotus leaf sex is additionally cold, if be used for a long time or use in period, the likelihood returns palace of meeting two pairs to bring negative effect.

Can balsam pear and lotus leaf bubble?

Bitter cold of flavour of balsam pear sex, muchForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Feed fragile lienal spoil one’s appetite, because ofLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
This had better not hollow edible, patient of taste Xu Han, chronic gastroenteritis should be fed less or do not feed. In addition, lie when menses, also answer to maintain a distance with balsam pear temporarily.

Have certain effect reducing weight. These two kinds feed capable person is to belong to vegetal to feed above allForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Material won’t produce a harm to airframe, and have the effect with embellish aperient bowel, the eduction that can promote the rubbish inside alvine path, toxin and grease, cholesterol metabolizes. But want to noteNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Meaning avoid to be in as far as possible physiology period edible, this kind feeds material to belong to small cool sex.

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