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Article introduction

Live at ordinary times in the center, if be bitten by the dog, wild dog of should seasonable inject is vaccinal, such ability prevent quite hydrophobic, it is after inject wild dog is vaccinal, may appear circumstance of unwell of a few bodies, this attributes normal physiology phenomenon, worry not overly, also want to pay attention to dietary recuperation during this, do not eat the food of a few acrimony stimulation as far as possible, eating a few caraway right amountly do not have a problem.

Hit wild dog vaccine to be able to eat caraway

Make note of wild dog vaccine

Hydrophobic very big to the harm of human body, the mortality after coming on can be achieved almost 100% . Till at present till, there still is a method on the world. Accordingly, it is very important after be being bitten by cat, dog, wolf or other carnivorous sex animals to undertake have an inoculation of wild dog vaccine in time, and when making vaccine, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Also having a few notes need everybody to understand.

Hit wild dog vaccine to be able to eat caraway

Make note of wild dog vaccine

1, during making vaccine, should notice not to drink, drink; of strong tea, coffee to also do not eat stimulating food, if chili, green, garlic is waited a moment.

2, avoid catch cold catch cold to prevent a cold as far as possible, avoid violent campaign or excessive exhaustion.

3, pregnant woman is bitten, also want vaccine of wild dog of inject of seasonable whole journey.

Hit wild dog vaccine to be able to eat caraway

4, inject is hydrophobic the normal hospital that vaccine wants to have rescue facility or disease accuse a center to go, once appear,allergy reacts, attainable seasonable rescue.

5, if discover vaccine has,shake the clot that does not come loose, or become angry, or bottle has flaw, liquid vaccine once was frozen wait for a circumstance, do not want inject to use.

6, hit wild dog vaccine to be able to give a vitamin to reach at the same time fight infection medicaments, disturb a phenomenon to avoid immunity at the same time, during making hydrophobic vaccine, patient as far as possible not vaccinal and other vaccine.

Make time of wild dog vaccine

Passive content is bitten or after claw, for insurance period, everybody should want to bite processing according to wild dog, wash cut as soon as possible, inject in time to the hospital wild dog is vaccinal. So, how is the specific time that makes wild dog vaccine arranged? This is an issue that must want understanding to be clear about, because was delayed,a lot of patients are optimalShanghai1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Make vaccinal time and suffer from unfortunately on hydrophobic.

The expert expresses, make wild dog vaccine, want to had been jumped over earlier, inject first vaccinal optimal time is inside 48 hours after be being bitten. Usually, the wild dog vaccine of a period of treatment needs to hit 5 needles, specific timeline is the 0th, 3, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
7, 14, 30 days of each intramuscular injection 1Fall in love with the sea

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. The 0th day is to point to a day that when make vaccine first, next the others with this analogize.

Friend doubt ” after if not was in,be being bitten vaccine is made inside 48 hours, be hit even after that? ” the answer is, want to hit!

If be bitten time is in 10 days of less than, still should undertake normal hydrophobic vaccinal have an inoculation. And if be bitten place is woman’s head-ornaments ministry, cervical these sensitive place, although already was passed quite long, still also want extremely the have an inoculation that has hydrophobic vaccine, at the same time inject fights hydrophobic immunity serum or immune globulin. Of course, if be bitten time had passed several months, do not undertake vaccinal have an inoculation commonly at that time, because hydrophobic preclinical it is 3 months commonly (also have special case, hydrophobic preclinical can be as long as tens of year) .

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