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Article introduction

Everybody no matter oneself constitutional state how, muscle exercises after needing to master accurate method again. Even if has some of person bodyShanghai night net

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A copy kept as a record is better, also cannot add carry momentum at will. Good warm-up preparation should be made before motion, and everyday carry momentum needs bit by bit will increase, such ability won’t bring excess load to the body, also can let the body suit slowly, what method does so scientific experienced muscle have?

Scientific experienced muscle has what method

, point to maintain push-up

Make the same score the body in the ground with the way that makes push-up above all lie, the five fingers of apart both hands, two tactics distance and shoulder are euqally wide, use finger to prop up the body, quite bosom, receive an abdomen, take up body, catch the body slowly whereabouts, stretch two ancon naturally outside, stop a bit 2 to 3 seconds, next inspiratory, expiratory, repeat an exercise, just began to be able to undertake 5 minutes first, time increases gradually after.

2, coil stringy law

Practice: Open bipod to perhaps sitting on bench, smooth lift two antebrachium, ancon is a bit inflectional, two tactics is occupying one wood club (grown without exception 40 centimeter, diameter probably 3 centimeter) , grasp be apart from probably 15 to 25 centimeter, woodShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The one aspect of the matter cord is fixed among the club, another end is one clog (bell of dumbbell, crock or barbell piece wait for) , cord length lets a clog touch fitly the ground. Two tactics has the roll of wooden club alternately, as cord furl ceaselessly promote the heavy thing ceaselessly, until coil cord, turn over club of directional roll wood again then, make clog whereabouts reductive. Repeat an exercise.

3, overhang holds bell wrist Qu Shen

The body becomes the pose that holds out a bosom to receive an abdomen, like opening double foot and shoulder wide, both hands is taking a dumbbell each, unbend double arm, the body hangs down downward, use up the greatest ability to loosen antebrachium, two tactics undertakes subdueing wrist movement alternately, let wrist use up the greatest ability to bend, stop a bit 3 to 4 seconds, those who let antebrachium achieve systole is close stretch tight condition, then slowly loosen, breath, repeat an exercise.

4, station appearance is grasping a turn to lift

Still be like opening double shoulder and shoulderFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Wide, receive an abdomen then, quite waist, hold the body erect, two the back of hand are taking dumbbell prolapse to be before body ahead, expiratory, hold dumbbell turn to rise thenFall in love with the sea

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To the front of the bosom, stop a bit 2 to 3 seconds, expiratory, repeat an exercise.

Experienced to science muscle has the introduction that what method gave out to make clear in above paragraphs, most propbably everybody also know fairly wellFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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. Muscle is in the process that take exercise, hard to avoid can feel body exhaustion, even can one kind wants to abandonShanghai noble baby

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Actuation. But exercising muscle is long-term and formidable task, still must want to be done tenaciously, final ability sees effect.

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