Preceptress of city of Liaoning Pan Jin is died by student disclose do violence person jump the building commits suicide not if really

Client talking about Shenyang is carried on December 28 message, on December 14, 2017 morning, city of Liaoning Pan Jin dish hill county learns 3 8 years in Hu Jiazhen, classmaster Mr. Zh阿拉爱上海同城

u Lixia is told in the classroom to death by student disclose on the side of the desk, deadly a few knives are plunged into be in in the neck. Say according to the dead’s relative, building suicide jumps after this student do violence, but insensate danger.

On December 15 in the home of Mr. Zhu, had decorated mourning hall, a few wreath are placed in the home doorway of Mr. Zhu, a lot of inscribe are student Jing Xian.

The home of Mr. Zhu is in dish of hill county introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad home inside the town, dist上海千花网

ance school is c阿爱上海同城

ontrolled 1000 meters only, it is one place bungalow, compare with the building photograph all around, the life of Mr. Zhu is not rich.

The relative of Mr. Zhu weeps say, mr. Zhu dies by classroom dais, die on him student hand, altogether plunged into 4 knives.

Teacher and student can have what contradiction, him that is to say student. The relative of Mr. Zhu says, the student of do violence is 15 years old, it is 8 years of 3 students, and classmaster is Mr. Zhu.

A relative that occupies Mr. Zhu says, accident before today, the teacher confiscates the playing cards of this classmate. The husband of Mr. Zhu contracts heart disease, already come off sentry duty is old, a son of 24 years old has not worked.

The man of Mr. Zhu says, the wife is judged to go up for m上海龙凤论坛

any times advanced teacher, case hair also did not listen a few days ago the wife says, quarrel with the student or have the view such as contradiction.

The reporter finds Pan Jin city dish the student that hill county learns to classes are over in Hu Jiazhen, every student knows the thing that school teacher is killed in classroom, students say, everybody knows this thing, but, the teacher said, do not let say external.

Introduce according to students, the family of do violence student is very difficult, the mother is long-term still and sick.

Original title: Be died 爱上海同城

by student disclose on Liaoning preceptress classroom do vi爱上海同城手机版

olence person jump building suicide responsibility edits: Cao Rui

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