Delegate of National People’s Congress inspects job of procuratorial work of litigation of Fujian Province commonweal

26 days, procuratorate getting a province invites, 4 class National People’s Congress represents whole nation of Fujian Province part, province, city, area to begin special subject阿拉爱上海同城

of job of commonweal litigation procuratorial work to inspect an activity in Fuzhou. Save chief procurator of procuratorate of Tan Yunkun of vice director of standing committee of National People’s Congress, province to Huo Min attends an act上海千花网

ivity and speak.

Tan Yunkun points out, fujian regards countrywide commonweal as pilot province of lawsuit, carry out central decision-making deploy deep, implement the important directive of Xi Jinping’s secretary-general, exploration builds procuratorial work mechanism to mention the job of commonweal suit system falls fine be born is fulfilled, accumulated can duplicate more very much propagable experience practice. Province procuratorate height takes National People’s Congress seriously to represent contact job, innovate actively, formal diversity, content is rich. Standing committee of province National People’s Congress saves as always support the procuratorate to fulfill law to supervise duty lawfully, continue to aid mechanism of force procuratorial work to reform innovation, gram of assault fortified positions is difficult, defend commonweal, for Fujian high quality development is fulfilled overtake make new larger contribut上海千花网交友


In inspecting, representing of National People’s Congress looked around new law of started lawsuit of long happy commonweal teachs base, wait for communication of have an informal discussion of relevant section clerk continuously with procuratorial work mechanism, province, offer opinion proposal. It is reported, since July 2015, mechanism of Fujian procuratorial work supervises and urge in all control a state owned property 1.34 billion multivariate; Supervi上海千花网

se and urge restore by pollution, destructive farmland, forest land, mine 820 hectare; Supervise and urge processing restores to be polluted fountainhead area more than mus 54 thousand, clear produce kind of solid waste material more than tons 10 thousand wait. Take the lead in exploring law of lawsuit of the round table before appealing to, commonweal to supervise 4新上海贵族宝贝论坛

kinds of case, administration to violate white paper to wait get highest check is approbated with promotion.

Original title: Delegate of National People’s Congress inspects me to save editor of responsibility of job of commo上海龙凤论坛

nweal litigation procuratorial work: Fang Di

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