Many 1000 enterprise finishs Fujian two change shirt-sleeve whole sex to evaluate intelligence to create production value 65 billion yuan

Fujian Province economy and Fujian of introduction of course of study of Chen Jian of informatization council vice director are advanced two turn shirt-sleeve job case. Wu Long retake

Net of couplet of machine exchange labor, machine, factory couplet net two change conflue爱上海

nce (namely industrialization and informatization) the face that changing Fujian manufacturing industry at all. Reporter from the Fujian Province two change confluence to advance and manufacturing industry and travel of deepness of Internet confluence development (Fujian stands) meeting site learns, this year 1-9 month, fujian Province intellig上海千花网论坛

ence creates equipment industry production value 65 billion yuan, grow 15% , complete province already had 52 enterprises to pass assess of mark of national follow in a continuous line, 10% what occupy the whole nation to be counted through total home, rank the whole nation the 3rd, in the meantime, more than 1000 enterprises were finished two change shirt-sleeve whole sex to evaluate the work, make an industry upgrade edition, stimulative economy go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

The Fujian Province economy that attends the meeting and industry of Chen Jian of informatization council vice director say, in recent years, the Fujian Province makes intelligence regard the two main attack that tur上海千花网

n confluence as direction, executive intelligence makes special move, advance intelligence to make pilot demonstrative enterprise and example workshop construction. According to statistic, this year 1-9 month, complete province already carried out machine exchange labor to make an appointment with 5150 to cover, the cell of lithium ion power of new energy resources of peaceful heart times digitlizes 6 projects such as workshop construction to include national intelligence to make early or late special, the spin dress network of sea day science and technology is made in coordination pilot set an example wait for 5 projects to include national intelligence to make pilot demonstrative item, 5 counties such as river of advance river, sanded county, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, Jimei, horset上海夜网论坛

ail (city, area) be maintained to be provincial intelligence to create pilot demonstrative base, choose 20 enterprises such as division Hua Hengcheng to ascend provincial intelligence makes the body in all pilot demonstrative enterprise.

Advance two change confluence, through the country the company competition ability of assess of mark of be linked together promotes apparently. Chen Jian industry expresses. Fujian urges a company actively according to the country ” two change confluence management system to ask ” begin work of sign of be linked together, normative enterprise two change shirt-sleeve course. Through the country the business of assess of mark of be linked together fits the requirement below informatization environment actively, note retype to build intelligence to make, the new-style ability of the respect such as industrial Internet, a batch of conditional industry mainstay businesses carry out new-style Internet to produce constituent pattern, the advanced technique such as computation of applied Internet, cloud, big data and innovation concept, drive business flow give somebody a new lease on life and constituent means to change, make seed profit management, individuation custom-built, supply catenary to cooperate with, the core competition ability below the Internet environment such as energy accurate sale. What the production between downstream enterprise manages each link on implementation is efficient optimize with resource configuration in coordination, drive industry affiliated enterprise to be changed to network, service, the change of new-style production mode that intelligence spends.

Chen Jian course of study discloses, fujian accelerates those who publish the Fujian Province to deepen manufacturing industry and Internet confluence to develop to carry out an opinion, drive manufacturing industry and Internet deepness confluence actively, urge a company two change mark of shirt-sleeve be linked together and intelligence to make, the intelligence that develops to attach most importance to a dot with industrial robot energetically makes equipment industry, concentration builds digital Fujian (long happy) industrial garden and China International IT (Fujian) i上海夜网论坛

ndustrial garden garden of industry of two big data, develop industrial big data energetically, supportive industry makes the industrial chain that is based on big data. According to introducing, fujian was released 2016 provincial two change shirt-sleeve priority discipline aggregate 827, always invest 184 billion yuan, 272.5 billion yuan predict to increase sales revenue newly after project上海龙凤论坛sh1f

building. (Wu Long is heavy)

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