Total lunar eclipse, Uranus develops meteor shower of day, Draco to will be performed hand in hand tonight

National Day is small grow holiday hind the first day, old day stealthily Lai Dali of take along sth to sb. Tonight is the 爱上海同城

night of the astronomy of a be worthy of the name, one of the most important 2014 astronomy phenomena total lunar eclipse will come on stage ceremoniously. The observation result of this total lunar eclipse is right, duration is longer, at the appointed time, round of red moon that sees inaccessibly w爱上海

ill meet with you.

Outside the total lunar eclipse that fixes eyes upon besides everybody, to tomorrow morning still will Uranus develops meteor shower of day and Draco today couplet of marvellous spectacle of two large chronometer sleeves attend a grand event in all. To all astronomy lover, 3 astronomical phenomena that see inaccessibly at ordinary times appear continuously inside 24 hours, very infrequent.

18 when 55 minutes of moons are entered middle of an eclipse appears in shadow 18 when 25 minutes of moons just appear into shadow second contact entirely 17 when 14 minutes of moons enter first contact total lunar eclipse to begin formally

The most beautiful hour

18 when come 25 minutes 19 when 25 minutes of bright red moons are hanged high

Beijing time on October 8 afternoon 5 when left and right sides of 14 minutes of 24 seconds, the moon enters first阿拉爱上海同城

contact, right now the moon just took earthly sign, declare this second total lunar eclipse begins formally; In the evening 6 when left and right sides of 24 minutes of 36 seconds, 上海千花网龙凤论坛

second contact appears, right now the moon just takes sign entirely; In the evening 6 when left and right sides of 54 minutes of 36 seconds, the moon takes sign in, middle of an eclipse appears; In the evening 7 when left and right sides of 24 minutes of 30 seconds, the moon slips an earthly shadow, third contact appears; In the evening 8 when left and right sides of 34 minutes of 42 seconds, the moon moves entirely an earthly shadow, this total lunar eclipse ends so far.

As we have learned, the duration of this total lunar eclipse (the moon is complete in earthly umbra mobile time, arrive from second contact third contact) it is a hour in all, because as it happens begins from the dusk, as long as weather condition is good, can achieve favorable observation result.

Meteor shower of Uranus strong day and Draco hand in hand and to

Besides the total lunar eclipse that millions of people expects, come to still Uranus develops meteor shower of day and Draco tomorrow morning now marvellous spectacle of two large chronometer an add t上海贵族宝贝交流区

rouble to, the friend that have fun at did not forget to enjoy marvellous spectacle of this two large chronometer. Both one before one hind, inter of clip of total lunar eclipse, the Cold Dew deck this year gets more rough every.

The first those who come on the stage is Uranus strong day. On October 8 5 when the left and right sides, uranus arrives to be apart from as it happens to differ with the angle of the sun 180 degrees of azimuth. Look from the earth, both and be located in the earth among to go up point-blank at almost. Uranus will twinkle one whole night, this also is the Uranus in a year when distance earth is the closest, its brightness is the strongest, it is observation and filmed best hour. Nevertheless, because be apart from too far, uranus can see constrainedly only through naked eye, the observation effect with suggest small-sized binoculars achieves your have the aid of better.

After total lunar eclipse, 9 days of before dawn 1 when 30 minutes or so,爱上海龙凤419桑拿

draco meteor shower will reach great this year hour, predict horary meeting has 20 or so shooting stars to had delimited. As a result of the cause of total lunar eclipse, moon influence is abate, the observation effect this year is theoretic will more advantageous than in former years.

Draco meteor shower is active this year period will come 10 days on October 6, among them on October 9 6 when around is great. Can observe two days this year, the day that optimal viewing time is in each district to will be mixed on October 8 9 days lags behind 60 minutes to the late night 24 when. Draco meteor shower can call Cold Dew meteor shower, because Draco meteor shower is great,hour and photograph of shadow of form of Cold Dew solar term are followed. Normally, great hour compares Draco meteor shower Cold Dew hour about late 12 hours. Draco sheds the matrix of asterism to be called the comet of 21P, cross perihelion cycle of run to be 6.62 years. This comet crosses perihelion date to be in last time in Feburary 2012, cross perihelion date to be in the next time in September 2018.

Compare with other meteor shower, the traversal speed of Draco meteor shower is slower, this to the observer it is a favour, can admire slowly, is not shine and pass, have not enough time to promise.

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