Liu Jiang east for accrete ” of ” shrimp paddy renown: Means of tradition breed aquatics already was overturned

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rk austral Fujian east for accrete ” of ” shrimp paddy renown: Was means of tradition breed aquatics already overturned origin: ? Brighting duckweed?2017-10-26 15:26 Http://


riginal title: Liu Jiang east accrete of the paddy that it is shrimp renown: Pesticide chemical fertilizer can exercise restraint use)

County of Yi of Jiangsu province Xu is the countryside of our country’s famous langouste. In recent years, place develops shrimp paddy accrete energetically stereo zoology grows circularly, the unit that increases farm not only yields, and establish of seed rice letti新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ng water more green environmental protection.

The autumn harvest season September, a lot of farmers are driven in the langouste that breeds in rice field of the rush in the harvest before paddy is reaped, according to because this mu all increases income,weighing a farmer 2200 yuan.

At that time, liu Jiang east in individual head what date conveyed him is anxious, he expresses: Understand the country with me, the pesticide in rice field ground, chemical fertilizer countless, can langouste eat?

Last night, liu Jiang east in individ阿爱上海同城

ual public date again dispatch, it is mode of paddy shrimp accrete designedly renown!

On one hand, crayfish is very sensitive to pesticide, the rice field cannot use pesticide to treat bug in great quantities, at the same time the chemical fertilizer of excessive also can destroy his to live condition, the good-paying that the farmer brings for crayfish, can restrain use pesticide chemical fertilizer instead, according to research, paddy shrimp makes zoology agriculture mode fall in all, pesticide dosage can reduce 50% above, chemical fertilizer dosage can reduce 30% above, mu all integrated benefit can rise 258% .

On the other hand, at present contemporary aquiculture also develops a newest container pisciculture pattern, this is right means of tradition breed aquatics overturns with what breed mode sexual revolution, solved earthy pool to breed the quality safety that cannot overcome and environmental protection difficult problem.

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