Divide now new an one word board the harden outside general view membrane method carries lithium concept to go up greatly

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Early dish of two town are small low leave, shanghai points to maintain green Pan Zhen爱上海同城论坛

to swing, be in subsequently resource with negotiable securities drive fall to rebound small, do poineering work board point to narrow cut concussion, small afternoon rebound, on card 50 indexes are round-the-clock maintain weak force concussion, up to now day closing qu爱上海龙凤419桑拿

otation, shanghai points to break up red weigh on 20 days of lines, do poineering work board point to on new station 10 days of lines, two city relatively day is small before one to the limit of one’s capacity.

Dish on the face, membrane method promotes lithium idea early dish go up greatly, bibcock south is collected (000920) and Jiuwugaoke (300631) word board harden, 3 big new 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

an answer card, in branch informa爱上海同城手机版

tion (300678) seals harden again, poineering a dark horse (300688) and in annulus environmental protection (break up 300692) is small green, yesterday second new material of new bibcock numerous source (603527)3 is connected board, second new board piece rise abruptly once more, chip is replaced go strong once more, low tell Fu Wei report (002156) is fast harden, drive person Lan Wei (600460) turns over Bao Lasheng, violet Guang Guoxin (002049) follows suit harden, the share of saline of bibcock of person energy of life that saline carries lithium (000792) is pulled considerably litre to harden, low a coronal farming share (600251) follows suit rise. War industry board piece early dish of transaction, jing Jiawei (300474) is gotten go up. Small plate piece send force once more, western material (002149) , circle in the air aigret tungsten course of study (002842) fast harden. Biyadi (002594) is pulled considerably litre, drive car of new energy resources board piece rebound once more. Ji Dong equips (000856) dish in pull point-blank rise a dead harden, install to drive hero board piece collective rebounds. Ferry film science and technology (membrane method of 300334) benefit from benefit from promotes lithium idea, pull quickly litre board, the day brings new material afternoon (603725) is sealed once more board, drive second new collective爱上海同城手机版

rebounds, nonferrous metal board piece pull considerably litre, treasure titanium share (600456) is sealed boar爱上海

d, the cloud aluminous share that early days adjusts (000807) , divine ammunition stock (000933) rebound in succession, secondary attack index is strong tall. Person Lan Wei is sealed once more board, drive chip climax, river abundant electron (300666) is sealed board, drive semiconductor board piece go up greatly, biyadi dish in leave board, become divided of concept of car of new energy resources is increased, the bibcock of early days freely corresponds (603602) is pulled point-blank litre board, drive 5G concept go up greatly, same approved second people of a new type enrages a clear weather to great cause (300689) follows suit rebound. Draw near Pan Yun aluminous share seals remaining part once more board, secondary attack coloured board piece go up greatly. Share of end Pan Daan (300635) is pulled litre, drive send high turn board piece rebound.

Divide now new an one word board the harden outside as follows

[examine more harden]

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