Chinese negotiable securities signs up for: O2O industry burns money more than beauty is round people the road is in He Fang

As Internet + of the concept go hot, if all sorts of O2O projects flush like emerge. Accompany the arrival of capital cold winter, the message that O2O project dies young ceaselessly cheats a shadow to industry foreground. An O2O project that circulates on the network shows on dead list, 16 domains such as car, community, travel, education many O2O project closes down, only outside sell what meal O2O project closes down to have ten.

Although O2O project mortality is measured such tall, but still do not block an enterprise to enter the pace of the bureau however. This year in June, the drop drop whole world that finish did not appear on the market the company is only financing of round of the most large-scale equity, actual amount is as high as 7.3 billion dollar, promote Internet business investment to the climax once more for a short while.

Besides expensive financing, tall mortality, 阿爱上海同城

o2O project still has a ticket, that burns money namely. The field sells outside, sell outside beautiful group, Baidu, hungry burn Qian Dazhan continual, still did not divide a victory or defeat up to now. Rather, enter ceaselessly the new com上海龙凤论坛

petitor of the bureau or will burn Qian Dazhan delay after time is infinite.

Round to the United States 2015 for be one all in all year, what finish pair of masses to comment on early or late is amalgamative, establish new beauty big, company estimate value reachs 18 billion dollar, market share is achieved 80% , military thing is gotten in making O2O trade already. Reflect this momentum, new beauty is become very quickly greatly except BAT(Baidu, Alibaba, Tecent) the Chinese Internet besides the 4th extremely.

The biggest variable that although each Fang Jixi hopes new beautiful plenary session becomes Chinese Internet,pattern alternates, but the relatively unanimous view inside course of study is, new beauty is great accuse begging is to continue to be worth financing with overmeasure actually.

On July 18, new beauty announces to acquire poineering couplet of the Hua Run below Hua Runqi and fund strategy investment greatly, but did not show financing amount and appraise value. It is reported, value of new beautiful large estimate already appeared convert into money, be apart from the 18 billion dollar when financing of 3.3 billion dollar on one round, already glided 11 billion dollar. More the hearsay inside course of study says, new beauty is great before hitting in partner A lose sale beauty round share, book of this equity sale shows: Suffer Rangalibaba originally the appraise value value of old share specified amount is 12.45 billion dollar, be worth 15 billion dollar for epicycle financing appraise 8.3 fold, the corresponding period of market of safe limit prep above is the same as type product.

Current, new beauty resembles the car that is the travel on the freeway greatly, quicken wildly already cannot help doing sth, capital is like benzine, a huge sum burns money to cannot stop at all. Have before this invest a net of 100 million Europe to divulge, what new beauty contacts greatly is new round of investment square in many orgnaization proposal both sides are amalgamative, whether can incorporate both sides even the premise that serves as investment. The reasonable estimate value after incorporating is controlled in 16 billion dollar, affecting appraise to be worth an element is: Whether absolutely and lead dominant position is reached whether can achi上海龙凤论坛

eve dimensions economy.

General of Huang Yuan of author of net of 100 million Europe thinks, share of the market after both sides is amalgamative is unchallenged, but whether attain scale economic criterion impeach. After incorporating, cost of bilateral can economic market, cut down personnel cost is saved after partial personnel, but still put in tripartite (sell outside Baidu polished glutinous rice, Baidu, new public praise) below competitive premise, the commission proportion that increases a businessman will be very finite and very dangerous.


erm look, want to achieve dimensions economy not quite actual. Actually, new beautiful big be in harmony is entered new round of capital, do not represent the end that burns Qian Dazhan, however new the open of round of big decisive battle. Baidu investment supports Baidu polished glutinous rice, Ali 20 billion yuan to announce investment restarts 6 billion yuan public praise, this is round to the United States for it is pawn one club, o2O market can be held to precede absolutely after this new thinking that the United States holds water greatly position, but new wolf group came in again.

Burn money quickly while, cycle of new beautiful big financing also is narrowing ceaselessly. According to beautiful group the view that makes known his position to not be eager to appearing on the market before this, with the current rate that burn money, before have not open successful key, somebody ever cast new beauty big or need experience上海千花社区

s bigger financing a few rounds again, tearing apart business is a when be placed before better choice.

Tear apart and undertake independent financing external, on one hand can more agile acquisition is exterior capital support, also be helpful for new beautiful big control burning money dimensions on the other hand. Tear apart business nevertheless great to new beauty sense may be more than at deficit of financing, control. To each business line character, tear apart can independent financing, and anew beautiful old point of view sets out, put after tear apart to take financing, unite the possibility that appears on the market to be w爱上海龙凤419桑拿

orth in order to raise estimate again next.

Before, cat eye regards new beauty as big core capital fund times accept favour, after this because financing pressure, cat eye was sold the light. This brings about beautiful group directly the appraise value of 18 billion dollar falls at high speed. Can infer, hotel business is torn apart also will make value of beautiful round appraise great sell at a discount.

Look seem formidable new beautiful big competitor bristly, wh whichever domain has driving competitor nowadays. For instance, sell outside have hunger, sell outside Baidu, service of life of; this locality sells to public praise, polished glutinous rice waits for service of; hotel journey outside public praise, have carry Cheng, where to go to. Henceforth, is the road in He Fang?

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