Those who finish the ring that increase demand will auction appraise to be worth 4.33 million RMB uncover secret ring backside is exceedingly sentimental

Those who finis阿爱上海同城

h the ring that increase demand will auction appraise to be worth 4.33 million RMB uncover secret ring backside is exceedingly sentimental

[ring will auction Picasso] Spanish painter Picasso is a lover a r新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ing that Lamaer is designed personally and makes by hand is auctioned 21 days on this month. According to estimation of the expert inside course of study, clinch a deal valence may amount to 500 thousand pound (add up to 4.33 million yuan of RMBs about) .

The birth of this ring has a paragraph of story. Last centuries a day of 30 time, picasso 上海龙凤论坛

and Ma Er produce conflict, under Ma Er stretch, the ring of ruby of a convex form that picks a helper to go up is thrown into river of accept of a place of strategic importance. Picasso feels ashamed remorses, oneself start work made a ring send Ma Er, regard elliptic drop extent as design with the portraiture of Ma Er. Ma Er saves this ring all the time come to died 1997.

England ” daily Post ” if Su Fu of 11 days of cite compares an auction to auction conference organizer Tuomasibangpaer all right, report: Picasso depicted a world, you can wear whole work on your finger. Occasionally, the least thing is including the thought of works of God and feeling instead, for instance this ring.

Ma Er is cameraman, poet and painter. Two people were acquainted 1935, love each other gradually. In Ma Er look attentively at below, picasso achieved one of masterpiece ” Geernika ” . Picasso also created a series of work according to the figure of Ma Er, include famous ” crying woman ” . (reporter Huang Min)

Relevant news

Work of 29 Picasso lithograph exhibits first degrees in the stage

Taipei of Xinhua News Agency report finished on June 9 increase demand: Effigies communication itinerate exhibits the character in the imagination 9 days to be begun in Taiwan history museum, work of 29 Picasso lithograph comes first degrees the stage exhibits. Sponsor square hope these artistic curiosa can let what上海夜网

Taiwan audience feels talent artist exceed realistic view and distinctive and artistic thinking.

Gao Yuzhen of deputy curator of Taiwan history museum points out in opening ceremonially, this batch of item on display are Picasso 34 years before die a finished lithograph work. Work style of Picasso is changeful, be in especially portraiture domain, his interesting, changeful show the most adequately with the talent. The artistic life that the person that the hope looks around can see Picasso old age is changeful from inside item on display.

Picasso is one of artists with 20 the most important centuries, work style includes pink period, blue period, cubist reach a surrealism to wait, create many 20 thousand work for a whole life, character portraiture is the key that its produce show from beginning to end.

1969, yea上海龙凤论坛

r the Picasso of nearly 9 a period of ten days is on the packing cardboard of a batch of artistic things, with bold and red-blooded tone, with opaque watercolour creation gives the character image in 29 vivid imaginations. Later, picasso is engaged in accept of lithographic Sa Lin of artist Marseilles Er turning over them at that time please make lithograph.

These lithograph get stuck by wheat of American heart city nowadays human relations international art and scientific museum holding. Zhu Li of this house curator writings brush abdicate expresses about, these holding are tasted come from 1979 of Frank Shu Erci’s couple donate, add up to at that time 25 lithograph, closed 2014 later neat 4 of the others. This covers lithograph work nowadays is complete United States 3 only complete collect one of.

According to introducing, when Picasso is creating the character image in the imagination, integrated a lot of his inchoate creation styles, include cubist with the surrealism, will depict Shakespeare Thespian medium character, the painterly style that is before his demit world 3 years of work is reflected centrally, communicate the concept that gives art of Picasso old age to create and spirit distinctly.

This second exhibition is sponsorred by Taiwan history museum and Taiwan art gallery, come to will exhibit in Taiwan history museum on July 30 since June 9, will move in August add exhibits the T上海千花社区

aiwan art gallery that division is located in Taichun. (reporter Zhang Lixin checks Wen Ye)

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