” SNK40 anniversary closes market ” area of digital edition Asia begins put on sale

SNK announces, the game of PlayStation 4 edition that marks SNK brand 40 years to make closes market ” SNK40 anniversary closes market ” (SNK 40th Anniversary Collection) , edition of Asian area number begins put on sale. The SNK that received a trademark 40 years 2018, 1980 era ever regarded the game that created most epoch-making game as the manufacturer famed at the world, the most and famous part that represented SNK now also is born meanwhile is acting. This second predict the game at PS4 put on sale closes market ” SNK40 anniversary closes market ” , severe anthology collected the 24 work that in former days golden age gets whole world player to love (include a person to enrage large report to play reach a family to add up to with game 32) . Bengeji not only corresponding 4K is high-definition the picture is qualitative, still embarked to be able to store in game midway, read take reach return the convenience function that waits for any players to be able to enjoy game easily. In addition, in conformity of SNK and SNK game history ” museum ” in mode, still can collect of art of appreciate game set, former voice and the old practice that game develops backside. And of game interface and game ” museum ” mode all carried traditional Chinese. Collect game (collect Japanese edition at the same time + international edition) P.O.W of · of Ozma Wars (Arcade) of · of Munch Mobile (Arcade) of · of Ikari Warriors (Arcade/Console) of · of Ikari III (Arcade/Console) of · of Guerrilla War (Arcade/Console) of · of Fantasy (Arcade) of · of Crystalis (Console) of · of Chopper I (Arcade) of · of Bermuda Triangle (Arcade) of · of Beast Busters (Arcade) of · of Athena (Arcade/Console) of · of · Alpha Mission (Arcade/Console) . (SAR of · of Psycho Soldier (Arcade) of · of Prehistoric Isle (Arcade) of · of Paddle Mania (Arcade) of Arcade/Console) · : Sasuke Vs of · of Search And Rescue (Arcade) . T.N.K of · of Street Smart (Arcade) of · of Commander (Arcade) . World Wars (Arcade of · of Victory Road (Arcade/Console) of · of Vanguard (Arcade) of · of Time Soldiers (Arcade) of · of III (Arcade/Console) )

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