Paradox announces science fiction to make newly ” miraculous times: Astral fall from the sky ” issue date

Issue business to Paradox interacts and develop business Triumph atelier to announced a news a few days ago, game of strategy of old brand science fiction ” miraculous times ” newest make ” miraculous times: Astral fall from the sky ” will land PS4/XboxOne/PC platform on August 6. Game of purchase in advance can be obtained ” ParagonNoble Cosmetic Pack ” decorate a package from the definition. Game will include the following version: Standard edition: Include game (49.99 dollars) luxurious edition: Include game, Bravado BundleCosmetic Pack to decorate bag, SpacerpunkCosmetic Pack to decorate task of bag, InfestedWorlds Scenario Planet (59.99 dollars) advanced edition: Game, luxurious edition content, ji Ka (obtain freely expand 3 times next bag) content. Game introduction: In game, the galactic empire that the player needs to lead a decline walks out of gloomy age of the universe, the people that is you is made brand-new future. Open the history of civilization of a broken, explore planetary remains meanwhile and with its he survives developmentally alone factional come into unavoidable confrontation. Battle, construction, negotiation progresses ceaselessly on the technology, to Utopian stride, can choose mode of mode of battle of deepness single person, random map, also can fall to be opposite with the good friend in much person mode battle. Game characteristic: Tactical bout makes science fiction fight: The tactics that you perfect ceaselessly in the battle is made in intense round, the battle will be full of tactics many and challenge, phyletic with the unit, having the weapon that can define oneself and destructible environment to disentomb a rich science fiction world: Explore rich environment as you, learn instant story, you will open the history of backside of empire of the Milky Way of fall from the sky. Experience NPC is factional with enemy base, discover hidden science and technology, aggrandizement your society, offer advantage planet empire to build for oneself: Through developing planetary region economy and administrative credo, create oneself distinctive base, the colony that creates prosperity the road of many victories: You can pass conquer, diplomacy or it is doomsday technology achieves your ultimate goal. All sorts of inviting option, let you be in NPC is factional go up with enemy base cannot make a choice easily.

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