Live your work ” person broken bits ” Christmas theme updates private parts ” put on coat “

Your work lives before ” person broken bits ” explode fire, in the person of platform of foreign direct seeding gas exceeds ” LOL ” and ” seek to live on absolutely ” wait for popular game, into humanness gas is next to ” the night of fort ” focal game. The Christmas comes now, the government rolled out Christmas theme to update, include brand-new snow ground setting, fortification, “Private parts ” coat is waited a moment, content force of ten deal out. New fortification can let player him consolidate the door of base, have lock. The player can use fame check the number to buy a building, choose face each other to undertake consolidate from inside 3 kinds of different door lock. The player is OK even 3 locks are installed on a door, better protective base. It is of course in your maniple, other player can try to solve a lock to these doors, the mastery of a skill or technique with different basis or angle, use screwdriver will lock up. In addition game joined snow ground setting, more the atmosphere that accords with christmas, the player is OK snowball, caboodle snowman, play in game extremely. Tremendous to going out in last version creation ” private parts ” player, new version also joined a few dress to hold off these little unfavorable content. Still brought sex of a few game newlier to adjust, include repair Bug, adjust balance sex to wait a moment, favorite player can head for an experience.

Strategy of game high-quality goods

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