” sea king ” North America shows a day on the weekend 28 million ascend a top easily

Box-office achievement of this film of Zhou Wu North America announces: Wen Ziren hold the DC master piece that guide ” sea king ” first days pull 28 million dollar madly to enter a championship easily, predict 3 days of booking office will amount to left and right sides of 70 million dollar weekend, because North America is worth christmas holiday, so head will calculate on the weekend 5 days of achievement, predict to will amount to 100 million dollar. Up to Zhou Wu booking office of this abroad accumulative total already amounted to 332.1 million dollar, highlight particularly in Chinese inland booking office, already exceeded 1.5 billion RMB. ” bumblebee ” reap 8.46 million dollar first days, predict booking office will amount to 22.7 million dollar weekend. Dishini singing and dancing piece ” between new sweetheart Le Manren ” Zhou Wu is harvested 6.7 million, 3 days of accumulative total 15.51 million, predict originally inside course of study this piece head 3 days a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera on the weekend or amount to 35 million dollar, but a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera up to weekday accumulative total also 30 million the left and right sides, can saying is to anticipate not as good as. ” between new joyous Le Manren ” ” between new sweetheart Le Manren ” sodden tomato is fresh degree 76% , equational 7.3. CinemaScore audience public praise is A- , tablet of film review population and audience public praise are pretty good, but because be singing and dancing piece the likelihood leaves the bureau is general, but aftereffect is valued. ” spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct: Parallel universe ” on second Zhou Wu reaps the month 4.85 million dollar, north America accumulative total 52.95 million dollar, this begin to ferment in Chinese inland public praise, odd-numbered days booking office amounts to 74.5 million yuan Saturday, accumulative total booking office defeats 100 million yuan, performance is good. By Cline Wood makes up Te Yisite to guide oneself oneself ” mule ” close again 4.25 million, north America accumulative total 29.95 million dollar. Jenny what Fu Luopeici acts the leading role is new make ” heavy model life ” reap 2.48 million dollar first days. ” green wool blames Gelinji ” close again 2.364 million, north America accumulative total 247.4 million dollar.

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