Listen attentively to ability to search truth NEXT STUDIOS to be made newly ” doubtful case seeks voice ” the line on Steam store page

Listen attentively to ability to search truth NEXT STUDIOS to make newly ” doubtful case seeks voice ” time of the line on Steam store page: 2018-12-13 13:06:00 origin: Official author: The government edits: Taikeaile
The independent game that develops by NEXT STUDIOS makes newly ” doubtful case seeks voice ” (English name: Unheard)steam store page is formal already go up line. Go up together along with store page of the line, still have ” doubtful case seeks voice ” a video of hair conduct propaganda. As we have learned, ” doubtful case seeks voice ” it is riddle of a frequency kind independent game, the player will be reincarnate in game ” acoustical sound ” get clew information with the means of eavesdrop and inference, open answer to a riddle to find out final truth then. Game general is issued at formal in January 2019 Jiesuo, we let see next store pages reach a hair to publicize the information that video shows fully together before this! ” doubtful case seeks voice ” head video of hair conduct propaganda:
For the player of independent to having deep love for game, this name scarcely meets NEXT STUDIOS unfamiliar. ” Azrael came ” , ” Nishansaman ” , ” Ou Wu Europe ” , ” rainbow drops ” , ” deep and remote forest talk quite ” … have characteristic, interest playing a way alone by right of many picture wind the independent game with very idea, NEXT STUDIOS was obtained numerous swim alone of the player approbate. This second roll out ” doubtful case seeks voice ” , it is to win award of IndieCade of independent game carnival early or late more award of section of game of nomination, Sweden nomination of award of innovation of play of part of game of world of nomination, Su Li, ” function of the academy of fine arts central and artistic game exhibit CAFA greatly ” the award of multinomial domestic and international game such as game development award. The introduction reachs a hair to publicize video related the game that carries store page, we most what experience first is ” doubtful case seeks voice ” distinctive game draws wind. Serve as with ” frequency riddle ” the independent game that plays a way for core, ” doubtful case seeks voice ” in integral art style accuse to go up to show contracted instinctive quality, no matter be advocate the sharp contrast of cold tonal art style, smooth dark setting, still be the application that setting empty turns, give the riddle atmosphere of game oneself without one not proper apply colours to a drawing, let the player’s better riddle world that is enmeshed in frequency to form thereby. And to the way playing related game, head sent propagandist video to also be made preliminary demonstrate. The part of player personate from inside sleep deeply slowly awake, come back namely the multinomial detective that open belongs to him tries refine. Carry electronic equipment, enter the frequency world that interweaves with suspense and mystery group: Person of listen respectfully dialogue, number, collect truth of clew, derivation, exposure fact, point out a murderer… regale of game of the riddle that perform while, more bring be enmeshed unprecedentedly type game experience. Announce when final enigma, the destiny of leading role this how? All everything will be announced in game! This, NEXT STUDIOS is made newly ” doubtful case seeks voice ” — riddle of detective of an innovation frequency kind game, what kind of game experience can you bring everybody? Let us expect together!

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