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If be the child,ask for a favor should want to correct them as a child this bad habit, long-term ask for a favor sleeps to be able to cause a lot of bad effects, the mainest is the normal growth that can affect oral cavity interior, also can allow the entity of facial ministry1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Shape produces a few change, and the parents’ even close breath circumstance that goes watching him baby, once produce breathing difficulty,sleep with respect to what ought to go adjusting them pose.

 The child sleeps ask for a favor

Morpheus means

Shake sleep to cry when darling be troubled by or when Morpheus is disturbed, a few young mother adopt baby be in the bosom or put shake in the cradle, fall asleep till darling till. Little imagine shakes1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Shake a movement to be able to make infantile cerebra ceaseless inside skull antrum ramshackle, cause rupture of cerebral little blood vessel, cause ” injury of cerebral light slight shock is asked for integratedly ” , produce internal haemorrhage of cerebral concussion, skull. This kind of method does not suit the little baby of 10 months less than especially.

Accompany sleep oneShanghai noble baby

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Some mom likes to accompany darling to sleep together. If things go on like this not only make darling arises easily ” love a parent ” psychology, form the dependent mentality, lack the capacity that paddle one’s own canoe, went to school even still want mom to accompany sleep. If mom sleeps appearance is bad, sleep ripe hind go up in the bed again and again, what pin little baby not carefully is facial, cause baby choking death likely “Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Tragic ” .

Fu lies sleep these two kinds sleep appearance can make the buccal bazoo of darling easy by block, it is difficult to can cause breath, cause sudden death.

Cuddle sleeps is to some of mom stems from mother love, like cuddle to wear darling sleeps. The healthy harm that this kind of practice brings has:

 The child sleeps ask for a favor

1, cuddle sleeps make darling breathes fresh air hard, and inspiratory is the foul air in the quilt more;

2, the swing when restricting darling Morpheus, extend the body hard, affect normal haemal circulation;

Summer enrages Wen Gao, a few mom let darling disrobe child lie on the bed, in an attempt to is cool. Darling temperature adjusts the function is poor, easy catch cold catch cold, especially abdomen once catch cold catch cold, can make alvine peristalsis increases, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Bring about diarrhoea happening.

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Heat up blanket, the rate that electric heat blanket heats is very rapid, temperature can make the moisture inside darling body is lost high too, produce dehydration, cause darling irritating, cry be troubled by ceaseless, make its health is damaged. Let darling sleep on the electric heat blanket that all night heats to cannot be taken more.

Open lamp Morpheus, the infant suiting to the environment ability is very poor, if nightly lights brightly lit, the Morpheus time of darling can shorten, the influence grows the exudation of hormone, grow development also can be restrained. In addition, the child that there is little light inside the bedroom when sleeping had 30% to become myopia, and the occurence rate of the child myopia of room lights brightly lit is as high as 55% .

 The child sleeps ask for a favor

Containing a tit to sleep, the tit can be sucked to suck the breast after darling wakes. This kind do not have the rule eat kind, make easily the gastric bowel function of darling is disorder and produce indigestion; Moreover, if mom sleeps too soundly, not careful nipple jammed the nostril of darling, cause possibly even asphyxial wait for serious consequence.

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