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Article introduction

Darling hilum hernia is to point to a new student place of the navel after be born, new student the umbilical cord after just was born still has drop completely, in the body a few umbilical cord that after growing slowly, remain just can fall off slowly, after falling off when this new student navel position is very weak, get easily the infection of the outside, with respect to the appearance that can cause occurrence hilum hernia easily, and suffer from umbilical hernia to need to have treatment in time, also need to notice place is clean more at the same time.

 How is darling hilum hernia caused

The reason of infantile hilum hernia

After infantile umbilical cord falls off, umbilical ministry scar is one congenital weak point, and in infantile period scabbard of around of two flank straight flesh did not fold in umbilical ministry, stay have be short of caustic, form the condition that umbilical hernia produces. All sorts of making the reason of heighten of force of celiac internal pressure, be like cough, diarrhoea, overmuch cry be troubled by etc, all can make the happening of umbilical hernia.

Have 3 kinds commonly:

1, development of navel of children a priori is undesirable, the muscle all round navel or muscle film are short of caustic, it is a when bring about umbilical hernia common cause.

2, the process that the navel after the child is born has to cicatrization slowly, if nurse undeserved cause infection, also can cause umbilical hernia.

3, navel of a few children begins is good, but in the process that grow, because navel is opposite fragile, child classicsSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The problem of secret, make celiac pressing increases, cause umbilical hernia possibly.

 How is darling hilum hernia caused

How does infantile hilum hernia prevent?

1, carry umbilical department dry

Usually, new student umbilical by ligation later, the meeting inside 3~7 day gradually dry, fall off. And just perhaps fell off before umbilical cord has not fallen off umbilical nest still is done not have dry when, what should assure umbilical cord and umbilical nest without fail is dry. Before umbilical cord falls off, do not put baby directly as far as possible bathe inside the basin, in case umbilical ministry is affected by sewage.

2, discretion nurses, close observation

When was not taken off in umbilical cord or just falling off, should avoid pants of make water of the dress, paper to wait rightSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The stimulation of darling hilum ministry.

Should choose size pants of appropriate paper make water, can diaper in front on end breaks up downward a bit, reduce the attrition that pants of paper make water carries to umbilical incomplete thereby.

Do not let darling be in fuggy environment, also cannot use cream, latex and oil kind ministry of root of daub umbilical cord, avoid umbilical cord not easy and dry and cause infection.

 How is darling hilum hernia caused

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3, daily travel cleanness is disinfected

The meeting in the umbilical nest of new student darling produces secretion or a few ooze blood, if not seasonable cleanness, after secretion is dry, can make umbilical nest and umbilical root ministry adhesion are together.

Accordingly, mom should be darling nest of thoroughly clean hilum. Chroma of every daily expense is the wine of 75%Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Autograph of cotton of essence of life is wiped, a hand mentions umbilical ligation line gently, another hand is signed with alcohol cotton attentive the secretion that wipes umbilical nest and umbilical root ministry, make umbilical cord and umbilical nest apart.

If cotton autograph became dirty, should change in time new, cannot undertake iteration wiping with dirty cotton autograph. Next the alcohol cotton label with new reoccupy turns outwards by umbilical nest center the circle is wiped 2 times, the whole hilum ministry of such darling is wiped completely clean.

New student if umbilical place nurses impolitic word, appear very easily infantile hilum is hernial, bring very great anguish to darling, so, mom are right new student nurse the job must be accomplished fine without large and small. Additional, must notice to maintain the dry cleanness of place of infantile umbilical cord.

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