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Stomach ailment is in nowadays, had become menace a of health of a lot of people big question. And a kind when alvine convulsion sends higher namely, do not have any omen even occasionally, begin suddenly to come on, some symptoms are a bit lighter, the likelihood ached a little while to be able to alleviate, but serious, can bring about abdominal feeling to resemble cramp, bear hard sorely. So, it how is alvine convulsion treated is better how is alvine convulsion treated?

How is alvine convulsion treated

How does alvine convulsion do

1, collywobbles of convulsion of patient occurrence bowel can be fitful ache, aching time is a few minutes differ to a few minutes about, once happen,be above all can hot-water bottle covers abdomen. Because alvine convulsion often is paroxysmal, often can accompany pang at this moment, accordingly at this moment we can warm temporarily with hot-water bottle abdomen.

How is alvine convulsion treated

2, medicaments is acetanilide. If produced the remedy that alvine convulsion can have a few spasmolysis to wait to alleviate,ache, general effect is relative still apparent. If eat spasmolysis medicine to do not have effectual word to be able to have remedy of amine of hydrochloric acid double-loop, this ache that to alleviating bowel is very effective. This is one kind fight choline very wellLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Can medicaments.

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3, timely seek medical advice. New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The person thinks alvine convulsion is not a serious illness sorely, do not need treatment. Be like fruit bowel convulsion to if,ache actually too too acuteness word, want to consider to have other diseases, must reachForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Normal hospital go to a doctor goes when, how long can so good that inscribe questioningly according to your symptom and body!

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