[what can eat after cold light beauty is white] how does _ of arrangement of food of white _ of beauty of _ cold light eat –

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The color of skin of everybody is different, some person skins are blacker, and some person skins are whiter, because the place in the cell contains what melanin differs and cause,this basically is, especially to female friend, if the skin can raise Yan Zhi greatly in vain, so a few people can choose to go to hairdressing hospital doing cold light beauty white, but finish avoid certain food must want after cold light beauty is white, otherwise the effect is met not beautiful, thing of a few what should have after is cold light beauty white so?

 What can eat after cold light beauty is white

After cold light beauty is white, take food have two big principles

Little excitant food, just finished some are sensitive inside a week, not too hot too cool, too acid is too sweet

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Inside a week light color food. Eat as far as possible colorless or white food. The flesh can eat plain boiled pork for instance the fish is mixed chicken, pig of flocks and herds is red meat crosses some of day to eat again. Ham bowel manages together. Pickles also looks color option. Beverage resembles tea, coffee, fruit juice bears a few days firstNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, straw can be used, little contact tooth OK

Eat after cold light beauty is white a few delicate, not the food such as stimulation of edible cold heat. Because just finished cold light beauty’s white tooth, photograph contrast is more sensitive. This paragraph of time does not drink beverage as far as possible, eat to be mixed egoistically the food with deep color.

 What can eat after cold light beauty is white

Dental beauty is to show will chemical oxidisability blanchs medicaments to be put in dental surface or interior in vain, with dental happening chemical reaction makes the color of dental itself whiten, or be in with object conglutinate tooth of dental surface cover is ecru, the process that makes dental color whiten. Dental beauty’s white method basically has white tooth of beauty of white tooth of cold light beauty, laser, Love Shanghai is the same as city handShanghai noble baby

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Ultrasonic clean tooth.

White method tells dental beauty to have two kinds only substantially, one kind is chemistry is blanched, another kind is cover beauty white. Still have even if through washing a tooth, the method with clean tooth arenaceous gush, the instinctive quality of reductive tooth. The chemical part that owner of dental beautiful Baiyao wants has been oxidation Niao, through different placement means and dental contact produce chemical reaction, make the tooth becomes angry. Basically have cold light beauty white, tooth holds type beauty in the palm white, tooth sticks the United States whiteFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, the beauty that contain gargle seals medical beauty inside white, tooth white, ultrasonic washs the means such as the tooth.

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