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 Because,the top of head is fond of this kind of circumstance is likely excessive brought about cerebral ministry to get power with the head excessive, we can be loosened through massaging will alleviate, also can use ice bag cold compress and take the method such as balsam pear cane to treat the top of head to ache. A lot of youths often appear the symptom that the top of head is fond of, because actuating pressure and life pressure are too great,basically be, we can alleviate through massage method the pressure of the head, everybody can understand massaged point what to have.

 The top of head aches take what drug

1, the head is very painful what how do is commonly used method

1.1, massage head: ? ? of Ci of road of tool of benevolence hand of Χ of laborious of  of Yun every beat is to alleviate headaching effective method. Temporal it is to have a headache path of massage main acupuncture point, you can be pressed with forefinger pressure, can be in with fist temporal turn back and forth gently to hair time place massage.

1.2, : of ice bag cold compress? Gang of  of younger sister of Qi of nobelium of  of  of the Yi other   Ju? A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Good, apply is headaching place.

1.3, take: of cane of silk, balsam pear? Fight? of peptide of pure beans of salty couple of rostellum of salty Tong ⒖ to send with boiled water every time take 10 ~ 12 grams.

1.4, nose: of drop of white turnip juice? Shi Zhuo exemplaries fragrance post? pound squeezes juice, drop bazoo. In drop fluid also but dissolve enters borneol 1.5 grams reoccupy. Should protect after drop wait for the juice inside 20 minutes to flow nothing more than, 1 day 2.

1.5, : of pain spot of apply of green ginger mud? Corrode? , jiang Pi half goblet, wine chamfer 1 cup, pound in all mix divide evenly, apply at pain spot.

1.6, : of both hands of hot water bubble? Confused? of  of person of locust of crack with teeth in mouth both hands immerge. It is advisable that water quantity crosses an artifice with dip, add some of hot water not discontinuously, in order to carry water lukewarm. After immersing half hours, keenly feel can be reduced, disappear completely even.

2, the head is very painful the dietotherapy that how does folk prescription

Should have a headache or when the job is fatigue, drink a cup of warm boiled water first, or wash a face, do next the head is massaged:

2.1, massage temporal: ?  of look of  Xi ㄊ barks window Ci Φ is troubled by? of plaque  ㄎ to be able to be pressed with big toe pressure, alsoSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Can be in with fist temporal turn back and forth gently to hair time place massage. Or be opposite with both hands middle finger temporal turn the circle is kneaded when be being massaged by; , wind oily essence of life is chosen in temporal besmear, can enhance acetanilide result.

2.2, : of acupuncture point of massage wind pool? Meng is worth which thick negative fade to hold) of acupuncture point of pool of wind of my? of Kang Mu of generation of v/LIT an amphora-like jar of the Qin that go to kind, can alleviate have a headache.

2.3, annulus blow orbit: ? Admirable Jie disrelishs ⑺ of  of Chang of ⒂ of Chi of Pie of ⒃ of punishment  Dian to fear  of dispute of ⒊ of body of analogy of  of ⑼ of basement cut up with a hay cutter armying? of plaque  ㄎ carries cross-eye department all round the massage of acupuncture point, make hematic unobstructed is enraged inside the eye, eliminate insecurity of cilia shape flesh or convulsion, treat a fatigue sex to have a headache. Methodological: ?  Ci is troubled by? to be pressed in order to control aspect of thumb Luo Wen temporal, with controlling forefinger face annulus blows the 2nd section inside orbit fluctuation circuit, upside begins from brows, till tip of the brow, below from inside the canthus outside coming since canthus stops, after going up first, fall, annulus blow fluctuation circuit.

 The top of head aches take what drug

3, first veryShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
Painful the dietotherapy that how does folk prescription

3.1, Bai Zhi 30 grams, jingjie 30 grams, the root of fangfeng 15 grams, ginseng 30 grams, the rhizome of chuanxiong 15 grams, safflower 15 grams, peach kernel 15 grams. Will go up medicine grinds end, refine honey is bolus, every bolus 6 grams. Every time one bolus, daily two, when taking drug, with jingjie decoct soup take medicine with water is beautiful. Apply to deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it model have a headache.

3.2, the tuber of elevated gastrodia 20 grams, root of herbaceous peony 30 grams, hook cane 30 grams, the rhizome of chuanxiong 30 grams, the root of Chinese wild ginger 12 grams, gao this 15 grams, ormer 50 grams. Water simmer in water, daily potion, cent second take.

3.3, cicada slough 10 grams, chrysanthemum 20 grams, jing Zi of the root of herbaceous peony, tendril each 15 grams, root of herbaceous peony 30 grams, the rhizome of chuanxiong 30 grams, complete scorpion 10 grams, pangolin 10 grams, centipede 3. Water simmer in water is taken, daily potion, day is taken twice. Apply to stubborn sex to have a headache.

3.4, silkworm of complete scorpion, centipede, deadlocked, earthworm the portion such as each, grind for delicate last stage. Every time 2 grams, daily 3, warm boiled water sends take. Apply to sth resembling a net of Yu blood block model have a headache.

Common have a headache symptom

1, migraine: ? ? of ⒉ ÷ Shou Gang is in1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Come on in crowd of medium, youth especially much, typical migraine patient comes on in adolescence more, great majority still has familial history. The migraine patient of 20% breaks out from time to tome foreboding, the mood is for instance low, ” risk Venus at the moment ” etc. Expression is from a side orbit hind begin, gradually aggravate expands half side makes build department even. It is pulse type jumps normally sorely painful. Fluctuate when the mood, drink or menstruation comes when tide cause particularly easily. Hold time won’t exceed 3 days commonly.

2, does nervous sex have a headache: ? The position that Zong of ⒔ of Dian of cowardly of Qi of antrum of Gu of Gu of Yue of ǔ T Sui involves head of Bei ⒆ ? , neck, shoulder blade is undeserved also can cause. The occipitalia after aching the position is in mostly and cervical, it is the forehead headaches sometimes, show durative blunt painful, the head is accompanied possibly still have the feeling that tighten band and weigh feeling, can begin the head after get up commonly unwell, headache to accentuate gradually or maintain ache for long.

3, trigeminal painful: ? ⒋ of field of jab of ⑾ of make a present of of ⒀ of T call on is low the ⑺ that peddle ⅰ asks earnestly ah hamper of sneer of ゲ of  of ⑸ of annulus of locust of fat Bi of ⒋ oyster tall? of Chao Kangmu Bin breaks out sorely every time time is shorter, have to several minutes from several seconds, stop very suddenly also, still can cause conjunctiva of crick, eye congests and weep with flank ministry wait for a symptom.

Cause the reason that have a headache what to have

1, should eliminate certain head department above all implement qualitative sex disease, the tumour that be like a head, encephalitis, have person of one little part only of course having a headache is caused by these diseases, and the symptom is more apparent, easy platoon is checked.

 The top of head aches take what drug

2, because the life does not have inadequacy of the rule, Morpheus, actuating pressure,this kind has a headache is normallyA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Big, with the head excessive those who cause. Removing this kind of headachy best measure is give up these notA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna
The habits and customs of fine, accomplish strike a proper balance between work and rest.

3, nervous sex has a headache belong to recrudescent sex to have a headache, last several minutes to come several days every time. Typical symptom is oppressive the feeling that stretchs tight closely, have a headache the position that produce is in the two side of the head, aching won’t because of body activity aggravate, also won’t have disgusting appearance, but can have photophobia or be afraid of noisy symptom, also can have giddy symptom sometimes. Mood element can make nervous sex have a headache to happen and develop, life incident loses out like family member death, the university entrance exam, unemployed, be lovelorn, insecurity of marital relation insecurity or burst, human relation, meet a person bring anguish and trouble, make the person produces the mood such as angst, depression to react. Airframe is getting used to this kind of abrupt change hard, or when be in nervous condition for a long time, bring about this kind very easily to have a headache.

4, pitch of a confusion of voices in the job or surroundings, light is too strong, discrepant the metropolis such as flavour stimulation stimulates pallium, make cerebrum generation unwell.

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