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[man heaven] must say, such highest grade belle makes a person excited namely

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[playtime] : 1.1
[J S name] : Did not ask
[J S native place] : Jiangsu
[J S age] : 24
[J S amount] : 60+
[recreational project] : ISO
[recreation costs] : 1580
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Went again yesterdaySmall accompa

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  • ny a managerinn, after discovery went twice, it is addiction having a place really, must say nevertheless, the service here is too marvellous really, after coming back, cannot help wanting to be shared with everybody. Must say, Small accompanyThe belle is like the cloud inside meeting place, allow the sentence that I carry, eye of certain cross-stitch work. Act on pair of managersSmall accompanyaccredit, I letSheHelp me carry, thisT718DateSmall accompanyLong leg, bigX, electric eye, confuse a the dead simply. This person figure is not tall, but like to grow a leg however high woman student. Small accompanyAlso say the girl is good atYW, KB, the service does not have a word well to say, it is affectedly sweet really be no good, let a person cannot refuse~~

    After taking the door, little sister nature should perform a paragraph firstYW, those who wearing black silk wave, must say, such highest grade belle makes a person excited namely. Not badYW

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  • Time is not long, or, be afraid of do not bear her to end, come to water bed, completeT is done, it is the stimulation with colourful Jing absolutely. See she opens jade mouth only, swallow the fleshy club that goes up fearsomely into the mouth, small mouth of Gong Gong is filled in completely, on my reason intent one alarm, offend so that she exclamations one blast, ground of big eye hidden bitterness sees me, kill my within an inch ofS comes out, be forced to close an eye to enjoy. Do wave when pushing, breast of that pair of jade is very soft, the part that spends, everyM Kong Dou is in mirth. Her body is superior tender, the hand is felt, slip slippery, it is OK to as if to exert oneself to do sth. clutch gives water to come like. See me wanted to do a bit, the little sister

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  • helps me wear with the mouthT, genuflect is on my body, bend over two legs, the big meat that helping me up is good, slowly to push forward of minor acupuncture point. Minor acupuncture point appears very wanted look, I am entered, it contracts with respect to ground of unable to hold oneself back, the tender flesh inside corridor is blowing my fleshy club, hate to part with unlock, that feels comfortably more intense than.

    Create a sensation of little sister fluctuation is worn, a pair of beautyR keeps hopping, my take everything into one’s own hands lives, soft jadeR is fluctuating in my hand appearance. Small accompanybreath is a little hurried rise, the movement also was accelerated, I know, she already become enamoured, then desperately up, catering to her. Catering to her.. Ah, comfortable! Quickly! Again quickly! Again quickly!! The little sister’s voi

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  • ce went a bit, taking cry antrum, but I am to be overcome really, break up those who fly is gigant

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  • icR, moving groan, the minor acupuncture point that sucks closely, let my end vertebra one hemp, if one discharge is noted
    If one discharge is notedIf you hold to one minute again good. If you hold to one minute again good.. The sister says to me, she is aboutGC. Look, my technology still is no good, nevertheless, the move such as my comes down to come again, scarcely can resemble today if such one discharge is noted. Rinse finally chatted a little while again with the little sister, time arrived, sent out~~~

    After coming outSmall accompanyNature should serve Gong Niu pay a return visit, the service does not have a word

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  • to say, It is satisfactory very~~Nature should help good shop be recommended~~Also hope everybodyLYGreat support~~~

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