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Small head is heated up, unexpectedly KJ, true TM is too arrogant forced, such JSBL likes

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[J S native

  • 上海千花网
  • place] : Kunming
    [recreation costs] : 798
    [blue sky manager] : 15800697005 with small letter
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably weather is cold recently, the person is special also dry, the company worked overtime yesterday very late, rest because of BL today next, so shut-eye sleeps to 4 o’clock to awake more, unexpectedly small DD already one column props up a day, because how to move recently, small tadpole grows a leg quickly
    , go down to become frog quickly so again, how can this have?
    So decisive open forum went a few days ago group li of meeting place that LY recommends, tell the truth, the environment is good really, that
    The soft hardware union of high quality makes my aftertaste boundless up to now, once sperm goes up head, contact blue sky manager immediately, get
    Gallop after the address and go.
    Arrived doorway call manager, blue sky manager comes out to receive, go upstairs next, shine at the moment, go upstairs discover link
    The place is

  • 上海千花网
  • good, blue sky manager comparatives very enthusiastic. Go in after changing the clothes, the wife of a prince is chosen immediately after changing the dress to rinse, swiftly goes out
    Came JS, choose the wife of a prince in stage of a T, shake an eye a bit. BL goes to new place liking to let a manager push for the first time commonly
    Jian, this is not exceptional also, signal demand of blue sky manager, then article heroine T705
    Technician enter

  • 上海千花网
  • s law small hole, big eye, exceed white skin, most those who make BL favorite is in wind shining white place is returned faint
    See blue veins, this should have much tenderer food, immediately photograph invade room.
    The hardware in the room does not have a word to say, BL can say to follow the photograph in forum only is like be being felt, blue sky director said, already
    No less than Dongguan are certain and popular the hardware condition of hotel of 5 stars class, of course, it is the most important to come out to play is software, when
    When BL still is seeing a room curiously, JS took off the trousers of BL already suddenly, small head is heated up, unexpectedly KJ
    , true TM is too arrogant forced, such JSBL likes. What to still wait for, gather up immediately smooth dress, will prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan first, then
    , the world is temporarily kosher, BL true TM is too monkey became urgent.
    The as usual after coming to an end is broken off first break off sentiment, JS is some city, spend a few months on Dongguan so, just came here, be
    Tender dish, but look with respect to the circumstance of KJ into the door with respect to this, BL can say JS works to this only, or I, have intense emotion too
    , nevertheless BL likes, small chatted ten minutes, begin to work next, here must say t

  • 上海千花网
  • he characteristic of meeting place—
    – – type of water mill, Guan serves. To BL actually this kind employs the person of be used to all the year round, still prefer to water mill, a face
    Not bad, BL is doing B face to get time even won’t hard, injury of v/arc a well-traveled does not rise. Bed of this water mill still has bit of meaning really
    , and the environmen

  • 上海千花网
  • t is looked at very clean, also not be at ease otherwise. When JS bathes to BL tone flirts, what to serve to get
    Be cloud drift, BL also did not ask to do, feel to have kind of feeling that flirts with cummer only, it is pretty is special really.
    The likelihood is soft hardware the reason of perfect union, BL today’s condition is first-rate, it is better to look like JS condition, water natural resources
    Too rich, do fully on water mill bed sufficient 20 minutes, n was changed to plant during pose, perhaps be sentiment is broken off well
    After coming out, because still have other issue, did not rest to change the garment to go directly person, go be being

  • 上海千花网
  • experienced again next time below
    The mug-up after prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, when buying sheet, blue sky manager still asks ” eldest brother serves how ah, JS is satisfactory still ” the problem of and so on. Very
    Enthusiastic, BL is very satisfactory, brush card, make out an invoice, go person.

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    [recreational address] area country decides Yang Pu east road Guan Shan word of Lu La atmospherics: 15800697005 [with small letter]