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[coffee is private meeting place] : The brigade of my first time SN, it is the ~ that such finishing!

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[playtime] : In March 22
[J S name] : Q3
  N ” P. B&W! C- H1 S/ A[J S native place] : Jilin
[J S age] : 19
[J S amount] : 70+
[recreational project] : 90 minutes of SM+ Z’ {” }’ R3 {* N8 {
[recreation costs] : 1098
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : The experience of life first time gives namely the ~ of XJ at that time is to rest in the home dull ~ is being procrastinated to go by caustic friend, when remembering face a service for the first time that be bashful ah ~ has a place again nevertheless small excited! Then this weekDesireRemove ~ to decide he enters the ground that swings Y demon random dance alone again! ! Say to work! Open QQ group begin to look for JSPhotographA few minutes 10 did ~~~ look to carry in why does Q3 date JS~ choose her? Because be like longly,had liked to did not get flower of decided a school in the university, that moment BL is a smelly silk, the someone also does not look, encounter now answer quarter edition, affirmation cannot be missed, hit nextPhoneGive coffeeManagerMade an appointment! Waiting to go in the evening ~~ eats good meal to be being driven in the evening, the ~ after the flow that take the door goes goes inAnteroomDrinking the coffee director director such as Gong Niu to take a girl to come out ~ , the perso

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  • n came ~ to talk about a few ~ go up next later the RT~~ that looks to see ~ wretched look at a girl is big ah it is the it doesn’t matter on big ~ and photograph distinguishs ~ to look really director director group the photograph in or truer! Decide to the room is entere

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  • d after person selected.

    Do not know into door XL the insecurity that why began first time again expects to feel, then excited practice fraud, want to empty on one rifle immediately, MM says: Not urgent, we bathe first, I do not know is insecurity or other reason, the ~ that conversation has bit of rash with respect to come to an agreement or understanding, after going in, I am being held in the arms from the back, she or closely, disingenuous is in 2 hands the knead on 2 big grapes! The girl says sweetly to look when coming in before you, behave, what play outside seemingly is not much ~ my hum, say not to play this before, but after having sweet taste with respect to above, but you do not see my new personality serve so not considerate ah ~ girl laughs say, the handsome young man is at ease ~ regular service takes docile note to you! ! ! – N* @ &K! H7 [+ L

    6 H; T* X&Z’ F$ E$ S/ NNext I say that bathes quickly I wear ~ urgently ha, next with respect to ISO one T, come out growl waded on the bed. Girl skin has very much glossily very muc

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  • h play X, XL meaning still each position that unexhausted bought MM body, RF is very pointed quite, greatly, XL was enjoyed well break up, see girl face is a little red, have a feeling very much, begin to cooperate me then, the girl also may have a feeling, begin to steal a peach-shaped thing with the hand, ceaseless Lu ah Lu, I of Lu also am harder and harder, MM mouth is small, the DD of XL big, true thing worked hard, the girl still teases say a handsome young man, your DD is very big, you will comeWifeCertain very enjoy ah ~~ , KJ begins subsequently on small mouth, those who eat is then those who comparative is serious, the work that the edge enjoys to say ~ will come by the side of me I am not to know nevertheless you affirm ~ so that enjoy first ~~~MM laugh laughs at ~ to continue to work! Give me the opening probably ten minutes, what XL is done also is to upsurge enthusiasticly, change a posture of 69 insensibly, everybody is serving the most important organ each other, have that’s all right of ~ of th

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  • e flavour that nod coquettish a little big flavour ~ is pretty good still! Each other have a feeling quite! She lays down, say an elder brother you above come good ~ , then XL rises holding her in the arms to insert go in, very fierce, have a feeling very much, the water below is very much also, I what the dry ~ girl that I have rhythm very much forcibly very much catchs am very close, Groan soundReach its YD~ , XL can calculate this collected defecate appropriate, a little rein in the movement was inserted softly a little whi

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  • le, the girl is dissatisfactory ~~ says

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  • to let an elder brother exert oneself to do sth. . Ah! XL expends a tremedous effort, the face that sees her is very red, aglow, touching MM, lick the X of MM, XL wants S, little sister very want, hold to, Bright died, view her expression, XL couldn’t help eventually, s. Going out after big fight also is quite tired ~~~
    1}2 R# O0 J(\0? 5 ~(Q F2 I/ G
    The dot can make eat in anteroom only, with the manager also was to chat a little while, their home mood is good, care service quality very much, make pay a return visit, the service is very satisfactory still, there is good money to must inform ~~ is satiate finally in time after telling a director drink sufficient, had rested, buy sheet to go person.

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