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[Xu Hui] rest the day looks for a girl to prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan, much tiredder than going to work

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[playtime] : 3, 24
[J S

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  • name] : A19
    [J S native place] : Heibei
    [J S age] : 22
    [J S amount] : 80+
    [recreational project] : ISO
    [recreation costs] : 798
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : Go to work the days that work always is provoking, bear playday eventually, must want to go amuse oneself, early good with respect to connection cool breeze, waiting for us to rest to go straight towards Xu Hui continuously.

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  •        After reaching a place, go upstairs took hand card to change good clothes, technological process is same, go picking younger sister paper. The younger sister paper on T stage people each is very absorbing eyeball, the Bl that look is animal X big hair really, chose quickly 19 began.
        Come to a room eventually, the girl is very active, whether do I do signal first she is one, I still do not have reaction to come over, she attacks my cuddle to on the bed one, this is cough up of open rape mode, she is above me long do not ride, the X that I observe her the influence besides gravity, without a bit flaw, be afraid of be a holiday at first, moderate of my one clutch softness, the heart wants to want bright today, I turn

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  • over again battle is held out directly, her skin also is water tender smooth, my conveniently feels MM, as my rhythm, surfy, the battle should have 20 minutes of Yu Yu to had not delivered the goods, position is good today, younger sister paper is entered after active demand, the dark spot that asks to want me to insert looks, I break out crank, let her come a movement of actor garment library, I am being inserted at the same time, she is calling husband at the same time, insert me! So pure pure interjectional instant released my full capabilities, very cooperate, highest grade loose woman, I am catching her MM single-handed, across is grabbing her hand, enter after her also can stand by me actively, the cry of groan is full of how room, who doesn’t this cry have again, it is crystal nice voice simply, again of shipment that is flashy, my hind is entered brush deep, her sound instant is asp and contented feeling

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  • , stimulate common. Rest we are in moment water rub on the bed, she is making all sorts of comfortable motions for me, let me wave wave desire of celestial being lie above piece was asleep, but subconscious feeling the trigonometry area dissociate in me wears his both hands, suddenly she contains my small D readily, came suddenly a few times Lv Dongbin plays pass the time in a leisurely way, I suddenly the dream wakes, he the eye of that greatly round circle looks at me, containing small D to fumble saying her to still want piece the dot gives him, saying is in front ability of a client is no good, this falls to want to fill completely, the D of 20 L is very reach the designated position, this must boast she, extend into shrink piece, very take rhythm move, return continue the 2nd times on the bed, I ask 69 want fine fine the abalone that watchs MM, she did not refuse, agree readily, I am with my finger dissociate outside the door, light is touched at will because of younger brother, do not take the door namely, her response is very quick, the kiss of her exert to one’s utmost wears across my big baby, finger is entered, she swings back and forth, she says to be not buckled, ha, which

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  • by get her, I enter with finger, silver-colored water instant soares, difficulty is entered when I change 2 finger, but silver-colored water has flown stream more than, it is very close really, look 3 all up, amuse oneself is to one’s heart’s content. Feel the opportunity is mature, I her double leg is hanged toward double shoulder, both hands is helping her ham up, swinging back and forth my rhythm, the instant hears to bang is inside the room only! Bang! Bang! sound, the girl also is asp move is crying, feel the sheet is wet suddenly in halfway, it is water so much of the girl so, she the J C sound of 100 condition invites 1000 posture I am more courageously forward, jump over Zhan Yueyong, the cry that brushed girl explodes from bright entreats sound to what let my dub, “I want husband ” , I hear her to be overcome what I support is so deep, I cannot let off her more, I use double handgrip her a ham hugs, in flank violent brush attack, fighting right now is many minutes 20, the girl is already asp without sound, good feel well, my aspirations is resonant, fierce sprint ends eventually, AV S face remembers in the instant of the end so say, I pull out randomly toward girl face S goes, girl right now already bright arrives oblivious of oneself, contain my big treasure readily, let my only then expect do not, by the full mouth of S it is, did not think of the girl still was shown actually laugh contentedly, it is to let a person recall boundless ~

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  • ~ really
       After giving a room, manager of the cool breeze in anteroom also is to be recieved enthusiasticly, ceaseless accost has a thing, dry nevertheless also be tired really, rested a little while, ability delay comes over, sat a little while to buy sheet to go person.
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