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Cheng Xiao Depth has degree, when fast and slow, wonderful unsurpassed!

[date of test and verify] : In September
[net  Renown] : Cheng Xiao
[the ground  Area] : X

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  • u Hui
    [meet feeling] : ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
    [figure curve] : ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
    [amorous feelings index] : ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
    [technical content] : ★ of ★ of

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  • ★ ★ ★
    [security] : ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
    [sexual price compares] : 500/P
    [little sister height] : 165 
    [little sister lethal weapon] : 36C      
    [little sister color of skin] : The United States is white
    [little sister feel] : Silk slips. Exquisite
    [the little sister moans] : Bold and unrestrained. Sweet 
    [date of small letter public] : Ylysh123
    [contact QQ] : 896645651
    [appointment experiences] :
    XL is the

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  • leg accuses a beauty, for a long time of MM of advertent recently Cheng Xia

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  • o, visit a little sister the opinion is very good still. Issueing Cheng Xiao today, of the at leisure in inn, login stealthily on Q of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, discover as it happens of Cheng Xiao MM is online, ask Cheng dawn to the girl is had on QQ then empty. The girl has said half hour hind is OK, be fond of in my heart, placed time with Cheng Xiao MM at once. Who knows to just went out to rain, not bad nevertheless I prepared umbrella ahead of schedule, how wet, taxi but r

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  • eally bad to hit, not be to had had a settle or live in a strange place, namely what others hits in drop drop go up had booked. It is good to waited to have about quarter influences ability make a car not easily. When the village of Cheng Xiao MM, discovery seeing a table was late to have actually 10 come minute, issueing MM of pluvial Cheng dawn today fortunately also is not very busy, be late otherwise the issue is small, because time relation delays the guest at the back of the girl bad. After Cheng Xiao MM sees me not only did not blame with me, ve

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  • ry enthusiastic instead say the elder brother is risking rain to still see me, be put oneself out of the way really. Cheng Xiao MM helped the smock outside my come out be on clothes tree, had changed slipper to remove the daily life of a family to come a little. Rise with respect to as ripe as the little sister sth resembling a net before long, had flirted not nice and warm. Go subsequently the bathroom is rinsed a little, because weather is too hot, after washing next key place, came out. Next I lie the eye is closed on the bed, begin to enjoy the service of Cheng Xiao MM, the word of MY is to use a tongue slowly glide XL whole body, th

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  • e tongue has a force very much. The mouth of Cheng Xiao MM is vivid but very pretty good really, depth has degree, when fast and slow, wonderful unsurpassed. When love loves, Cheng Xiao MM gives me with female on top made for a long time, I saw Cheng Xi

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  • ao MM had perspired finally, let a little sister stop, change me to begin to exert oneself, with type of old man go-cart, feel girl minor acupuncture point is still close. Those who pass hundreds of bouts smoke after inserting, surrender all goods in stock smoothly. For a long time of attentive of Cheng Xiao MM is being cherished on the bed, smoked root smoke t

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  • o chat a little, really satisfied, still see time finally not early, get dressed with respect to what do

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  • not no hurry unbearably, left water cost to leave.

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